WorldRank: The definitive measure of company performance

Unbiased and data-driven

WorldRank is our proprietary method that assesses whether a company listed on World Leading Companies is, in fact, a leading company.

It is aggregates hundreds of unique data points about each company on our platform: customer and employee feedback, whether the company is regarded highly by other respected organizations, whether it has a fanbase and whether the company is considered an authority in its field of expertise. It is divided into five separate parts:

  1. Authority - is this company considered an expert in its field?
  2. Community - has this company built a tribe, a community people, who are fully engaged in its activity?
  3. Leadership - does the company have strong and consistent leadership team?
  4. Customer - does this company make its customer happy?
  5. Employee - does this company offer a safe and stimulating work environment for its team members?

World Rank

Each of these parts is given a score from 0 to 100, and WorldRank is a composite of these scores with equal weighting.

The WorldRank result is the percentile position scored between 1 and 100 for each company, with the best companies scoring 100 and the worst scoring 1.

Helping David beat Goliath

In the ‘real’ world large, powerful and wealthy companies win more customers than they deserve. This is bad for customers and bad for smaller but exceptional companies that don’t have the resources to compete.

WorldRank levels the playing field by highlighting the genuine leaders in their industry so they can receive recognition for their brilliance and earn opportunities to win the new customers they deserve, irrespective of their size or spending power.

Compared to smaller companies, we have found that larger companies tend to have higher authority and a bigger community but score worse on feedback from customers and employees. This means smaller companies that offer great customer service and receive excellent employee feedback are ranked as highly as large companies with high authority and large communities.

The 'holy grail', of course, is to create a business that has high authority with a large following that also delivers consistently great customer service and receives outstanding employee feedback.

A path to the perfect measure

We are continually developing WorldRank by adding new data sources, new information, and new calculations. It is already a very clear and definitive measure of company performance but we will not stop until we have constructed the perfect measure (which might be a 'forever' project).

Latest WorldRank Release: V0.1 (beta) July 2018

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